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Greatest Advantages Of FastHelp5

We offer the high quality customer service by the easiest and most
accessible Contact Center CRM solution.

What FastHelp5 provides

Customer Satisfaction

Provide exceptional customer services in timely manner and appropriate way.

Employee Satisfaction

Reduce work-load of supervisors and agents with user-friendly GUIs.

Centralized Customer Information

All customer information, including contact logs, can be stored in one DB and accessed from all customer touch points.

Information Sharing

Drive enterprise-wide sharing of customer information from any location with any devices.

Customer-oriented Strategy

Design customer-oriented corporate strategy by gathering and analyzing voice of customers (VOCs).

5 Advanced features of FastHelp5

1.Easy to use

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use GUIs
  • High operability to prevent fatigue even in a long time use

Prime Functions

  • User-friendly interface
  • 3 color choise of GUIs
  • Tablet support


  • Rich and varied features
  • Practical functions condensed leading companies’ know-how

Prime Functions

  • Centralized customer management
  • Multi-channel compatibility
  • Ticket tracking
  • Standard forms
  • Self customization
  • Templates for FAQ
  • Various alerts
  • Multi-tenant support


  • Quick escalation to relevant persons whoever at anywhere
  • Share the information rapidly to the entire company
  • Performance management in real-time

Prime Functions

  • Messaging (live chats within the contact center)
  • Work flow
  • Report
  • Escalation


  • Customizable on your business requirements
  • Optional products can be added as necessary

Prime Functions

  • CTI Integration
  • Voice recording integration
  • Outbound
  • Talk scripts
  • Short delivery time
  • Flexible customization


  • Easy integration with other application systems
  • Highly scalable system architecture

Prime Functions

  • Import and Export
  • LDAP Integration
  • SSO Integration
  • Highly scalable configuration
  • Redundant configuration

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