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The successful businesses mostly focus on three aspects of customer relationship management. These include customer care, customer growth and customer acquisition.
Customer relationship management showcases a fine integration of diverse processes, people and technology and is crucial for every aspect of a business in terms of  marketing, technical support, sales and customer.

In today's business world, true value only comes from specialized customer services. It is only through customer care retention program and the growth of the obtained customers that you can make a larger client base 

Most companies make huge investment and aim to build a stronger customer base. Selection of a particular customer service always matterswhen you adress a huge base of potential clients. So why not choose and maintain a superior customer service support program that brings you the best experience with expected investment return?


Nowadays transaction through application is common for everyone. However, not all is keen on the system error or any unpredictable situation in the APP. TCT, therefore, noticed and ensure to fulfill customer journey. IT helpdesk support become a very important part to maintain or even increase customer satisfaction.


transcosmos group  are known as No.1 Contact Center player in Japan.

Our Thailand branch has been taking over the entire mythologies from solid operational strategy as a leading company of industry. First established in Japan, we continue the work of localization and optimize  the best model here Thailand. We believe that our efforts and commitment will bring our all clients satisfaction.


FastHelp5 is the next generation CRM System for Contact Center. TechMatrix puts all know-hows and knowledge accumulated through 20 years business experiences in Contact Center CRM and developped FastHelp5. The newly designed GUIs are user-friendly and bring Comfort and Concentration to Contact Center. We provide exceptional customer services far beyond customers' expectations.

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