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transcosmos Korea, Inc.(headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea; President and COO: Kwon Sang-chuel; transcosmos Korea), a business process outsourcing provider in the Republic of Korea and a subsidiary of transcosmos inc. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) was upgraded to a “large unlisted company” in January 2019 and follows K-SOX (Korea Sarbanes-Oxley), a measurement of financial compliance requirements for its internal control, as it had 117% business growth compared to the fiscal year 2017 with its total assets exceeding 10 billion yen.

In the Republic of Korea, unlisted companies with their total assets exceeding 100 billion won (approximately 10 billion yen) at the end of the most recent business year are upgraded to “large unlisted company,” a level to which K-SOX (the Korean version of SOX, the internal control system) applies. K-SOX applies only to 5,120 companies, which is approximately 0.7% (Official statistics in 2017) among 769,684 companies registered in the Republic of Korea.

transcosmos Korea, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of transcosmos offers extensive services for businesses in the Republic of Korea, including contact center services, direct mail services, internet promotion services, website integration services, etc. Now that it has been upgraded to a large unlisted company, transcosmos Korea will operate its business with an effort to bring more transparency than ever before.

About transcosmos Korea
Company name:transcosmos Korea, Inc.
Established: May 2001
Number of bases:14
Number of employees:7,600 (approximate)


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