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transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) will expand the coverage of “transpeech,” its speech recognition solution, and deliver two upgrades. By the end of 2019, the company will install the solution to 2,000 workstations in its contact center network across Japan, which represents a considerable expansion of its service coverage, and will add a new emotion analysis feature. With this emotion analysis feature, clients can perform new initiatives such as preventing potential issues, visualizing selling points and more, at no extra charge.

Update 1: Widely recognized by clients, expand “transpeech” coverage up to 2,000 workstations, the largest scale in Japan
Since its launch in December 2018, “transpeech” has been adopted by many clients and the number of contact center workstations equipped with “transpeech” is expected to exceed up to 2,000 by the end of FY2019. Building on this momentum, transcosmos considerably updated its speech recognition system environment which is built inside the company. With this upgrade, transcosmos has successfully installed the solution in batch processing to a large-scale contact center with over 200 workstations. In addition, the company now has the ability to connect the solution to various CRM tools at a faster speed than ever before

Update 2: New emotion analysis feature enables clients to assess new element of service quality

With a speech recognition feature that converts speech to text, clients can evaluate contact center service quality based on the text data. Now with an emotion analysis feature in place, the upgraded speech recognition system enables clients to analyze speakers’ emotions and utilize the results as a new element in assessing contact center service quality. Clients can deliver highly sophisticated initiatives by utilizing this new feature that detects speakers’ emotions and alerts. More specifically, contact center managers can prevent potential issues by following up on agents based on the detected negative customer emotions such as anxiety and anger whilst improving agents’ service performance by recognizing and handling early signs of an increase in their stress level. In addition, clients can utilize the solution for their outbound sales activities in various innovative ways. For example, by grasping customer expectations and their feelings of rejection, agents can modify and match their responses to customers emotions in real time that ultimately helps clients increase the contract win rate.

transcosmos continues to drive the expansion of its speech recognition services including conversation summary services and immersive virtual reality (IVR) technology whilst further enhancing “transpeech” features with the aim of solving challenges that clients face in the contact center business.
transpeech is a speech recognition solution that helps clients to address the challenges they face in the contact center business. Combining transcosmos’ proven know-how in contact center operations services accumulated over the years and the speech recognition system, transpeech helps businesses to solve various operational challenges and improve service quality, reduce costs, prevent risks, and more.


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