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transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) has formed a capital alliance with Heroleads (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand; Chief Executive Officer: Carlo Herold; Heroleads), a digital performance marketing provider in Thailand, in order to enhance its digital marketing business for the ASEAN market.

Heroleads is Thailand’s leading data and technology-driven performance marketing provider. More than 150 companies have partnerships with Heroleads to build their digital business and maximize the value of their customer portfolios. Heroleads helps them to acquire customers on digital platforms.

The company offers performance-based digital advertisement, creation of digital creative assets, data analytics & tracking solutions and a platform with marketing influencers to clients in a wide variety of industries in Thailand.

Heroleads develops Ad-Tech software solutions to support  digital marketing operations across platforms and to improve performance with people-based data targeting solutions. The product, offers for the client base, includes Digital Marketing Analytics, Lead Management and CRM cloud-based software solutions.

Since the launch of their solutions and platforms in 2015, Heroleads has been one of the fastest-growing digital marketing providers in Thailand. Heroleads is a certified Google Premier Partner and received Google Performance Honors 2017 in Thailand, a competition for marketing agencies hosted by Google.

transcomos advanced into the Thailand market in 2004 and has been offering multiple services, with a focus on contact centers and digital marketing services for the Thailand local market. With this partnership with Heroleads, transcosmos enhances its digital marketing services and drives the implementation of these services to clients together with CRM-related services including contact centers, Chabot’s, LINE and e-commerce. In addition, transcosmos aims to generate business synergies with Heroleads by offering Heroleads’ services in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia where transcosmos offers similar services

Heroleads Profile (

Name: Heroleads (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Representative: Founder CEO Carlo Herold
August, 2015
Employees: 115 (as of Sep, 2018)
Business: technology and data-driven digital performance marketing solutions: digital ad operation, creation of digital assets, data analytics & tracking, influencer marketing and ad-tech software development.

Carlo Herold, Founder CEO at Heroleads, said: “Our mission is to empower business growth with data-driven and technology-enabled approach. Our strategic partnership with transcosmos presents a unique opportunity to expand our value proposition - while Heroleads brings data-driven digital marketing knowledge to the table, transcosmos offers the extensive expertise of e-commerce operations, live chat and call center engagement services. By combining both, we’re now uniquely positioned to push the boundaries of digital solutions by delivering complete omnichannel solutions for our business clients across the region. With the support of transcosmos we plan to rapidly expand our business across the region. For us, it was extremely important to find the right partner to serve our clients - and we're extremely excited to have found that partner in transcosmos.”


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