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Having an MRT nearby in the business area is very comfortable. Moreover, working with nice and polite colleagues impressed me a lot.
Things that interest me at transcosmos are: excellent benefits, good atmosphere and good opportunities. I have got great incomes related to my career path. I very much appreciate the easy transportation, which is in fact one of the important benefits.

Another great thing is that ; I have a chance to fully use my abilities in projects and see myself evolving with the project and company in the futureI can say that I’m very happy being here.

Kriyarat Duangsaengchan
Contact Center


Working with transcosmos is very challenging for me. I have been improving myself career wise and building strong sense of leadership, I have got opportunities to join overseas training to learn new things, which is superb. Not only that I have the space to demonstrate my idea, but I also see how it can be used to improve projecst, I also get good benefits to treat my family well.
I am very proud to be here.

Nattikan Sirikarnnukul
Contact Center


I’ve been working with transcosmos for almost 3 years. I really enjoy working here because l have friendly colleagues and kind cooperation from every department.

Also, our office is full of convenient facilities such as relaxing area, vending machines, free coffee, fruit and ice cream. In addition, the company cares about employee’s health by providing group insurance and annual health check-up for everyone.

Yada Bhumadhana
Human resource


We are very team-driven, and we operate to put forward collective goals ahead of individual success.

IT Department


Working with transcosmos has taught me invaluable experiences throughout the year. The nature of my workallows me to explore my capabilities as I’m given the freedom to accomplish my task in a non-restricted
manner. The lack of limitation makes me feel at home. While certain tasks can prove hardship at times, I verymuch enjoy working here and welcome the challenges. I’m very grateful that transcosmos has given me the
opportunity for, a fresh graduate at the time, to improve upon my skills and lay the foundation for my future career.

Customer Service


It’s a great opportunity working at transcosmos. I learned about teamwork and leadership. Everybody here is friendly and attentive. My project is about IT products.The manufacturer produces IT products to fulfill customers’ expectations in the Information Age. My team is able to fulfill manufacturer and users. I enjoy my responsibilities in,, driving projects to reach goals, and helping my clients achieve their goals. I am very happy to devote to my duty. And I’m proud to be here.

Customer Service

Why I love transcosmos,


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