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transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) is delighted to announce that Shanghai transcosmos Marketing Services Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; CEO: Eijiro Yamashita; transcosmos China), its wholly-owned subsidiary was once again awarded FIVE-STAR SERVICE PROVIDER for the second half of 2018 by TMALL, the largest online marketplace in China, on January 24, 2019.

TMALL’s star rating program, the TMALL service provider program evaluates all companies that provide e-commerce operations services on TMALL and TMALL Global based on six standards, namely, e-commerce store operations capabilities, brand marketing capabilities, customer relationship management capabilities, channel operations capabilities, new retail operations capabilities and data operations capabilities as well as collective operations capabilities that include scale of stores they operate.

In addition to the above, TMALL introduced a one-on-one interview as a new screening process to evaluate their top service providers. In this interview session, selected top providers are asked to make a presentation that covers their basic corporate information, operations capabilities, vision for innovation, business plan and more. TMALL introduced the new process with the aim to grasp their partners’ collective capabilities and unique operations characteristics more comprehensively. transcosmos China received the TMALL Gold Partner Award in 2016 and was named FIVE-STAR SERVICE PROVIDER in 2017 and in the first half of 2018. Now, recognized for its superior service capabilities and collective strength, transcosmos China once again was awarded FIVE-STAR TMALL SERVICE PROVIDER.

What’s more, TMALL highly regarded transcosmos China’s operations services in two categories namely books & musical instrument and 3C digital categories under the 3C industry in the Q4 2018 TMALL Top 5 Player Rankings by industry. Shanghai SPOT, a member of UNQ group (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; CEO & Founder: Wang Yong), a leading e-commerce distributor specializing in cosmetics, personal care and food, and a capital and business partner of transcosmos, also received the FIVE-STAR TMALL SERVICE PROVIDER and ranked fifth in three categories namely personal care, food and home cleaning categories under the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMGC) industry.

Along with the development of the new retail, TMALL service partners are not only expected to integrate online and offline commerce but also create an e-commerce environment where they can co-prosper with TMALL and deliver services across all available channels. Alibaba evolved TMALL service providers from TMALL Partner (TP) to TMALL Ecological Partner (TEP) and executing initiatives with the aim to help brands accelerate their own digital transformation.

Since transcosmos China launched its operations in Shanghai as a digital transformation partner for businesses in 2006, the company has continued expanding its business and now has 10 service bases in seven cities in China. transcosmos China offers extensive services such as contact center services, new retail services, and digital marketing services for over 70 Chinese and global brands. The company launched its e-commerce business in 2009. Now, in partnership with platforms such as TMALL, and WeChat, transcosmos China offers a variety of services that include e-commerce store/website development & operations, sales channel development, online and offline data integration, system development, customer relationship management and integrated marketing services in the new retail industry (including cross-border e-commerce) to clients in diverse industries including the 3C Industry (Computer, Communications and Consumer Electronics), apparel, baby care, toy, sports, beverage, musical instruments, household products and more.


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