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Customer Data Management and Data-entry aren't the new field of services to support Client’s need Before you dive into this service detail, check your situation first by below sample situation.

“you have a lot of document keep as hard copy which need to be convert to keep as data or files” 

“your worker’s capacity almost full to do key-in information and you has no solution to complete within time limitation”

“you thought that your time is really need to invest and effort for develop your core business”

We believe that the source of success comes from effective information. transcosmos Thailand experienced to deliver solution to help you effortless to converting and managing your Big data. Our service will save your time and effort, cost of finding employees.

Is our service, will bring the document to save the information and after completing the work, all the documents will keep safe for waiting to give back to the client as before. Every step of the company will have to check the documents and have a 24-hour security system to ensure that the customer information is the most secure.

Our strong point of customer data management for your business

• Reduce investment in Software and Hardware
• Reduce manpower management problems
• The staff that specializes in recording data accurately, quickly and safely
• Have quality management to ensure service quality
• There is a fixed duration to deliver as SLA
• Employees who are tested and trained professionally
• Fast data recording and quality inspection system
• Software systems and IT systems that are modernized for speed and standard of data security

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