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Human is the most important part to run the business and most of company face issue when they’re lack of manpower and inexperience young blood. transcosmos Thailand seeing that we want to support most of company in this point with cost optimization. In addition, we would like to point out on the position that we are experienced and deliver many success applicant throughout the world:
1. Back-end staff included customer service, contact center, admin, IT support etc.
2. Engineer Support which main roles of this position is to support diagnosis case, troubleshooting and identify solutions to resolve system issues.

Why transcosmos Thailand?

The Key Success towards any business is the dedication and commitment of employees. Our company sees that dispatching service will support most of the company in employee fulfilment very well.
Moreover, we categorize that 3 core value that differentiate transcosmos Thailand from the others as below:

1. Timeline commitment
transcosmos Thailand can deliver staff from client requirement with the timeline pressure (within 20 working days)

2. Replacement
Every company had face with the situation that some staff are underperform and you have no idea what to deal with them. So, with this service we can set the KPI & time attendance and if staff is not achieve you can request new person from transcosmos Thailand with no extra charge!!!

3. We support 24 hrs. operation
transcosmos Thailand run the contact center as our core business So, we know how tough it is to find the quality staff and operate 24/7. Regards to the talented of our recruitment team 24/7 service are no longer concerned. Please allow transcosmos Thailand to support you in the field that we are expertise and growing with sustainability together.


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