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Nowadays transaction through application is common for everyone. However, not all is keen on the system error or any unpredictable situation in the APP. TCT, therefore, noticed and ensure to fulfill customer journey. IT helpdesk support become a very important part to maintain or even increase customer satisfaction.

Why transcosmos Thailand?

Because We understand that “people” is the key to success. That’s how we operate the contact center with less than 10% of turnover. Especially in helpdesk support, our turnover is less than 1% and customer satisfaction throughout the year is over 90%.

Moreover, we realize that 3 main Key Success Factors towards IT helpdesk

1. Deliver great customer service

This is the most important factor for client’s the satisfaction and create retention to your business

2. Provide accurate report that show daily, weekly, monthly performance, drive improvement and prevention plan

- Having real time monitoring system will help the service quality in many ways and can support the incident right away with the help of First Call Resolution (FCR).

3. Share and exploit the idea from real incident

- transcosmos Thailand will support monthly meeting with customer to update on the latest incident and engage in sharing ideas  to provide you the service on top of the world.

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