transcosmos Thailand Achieves Outstanding Success at TCCTA Contact Center Awards 2023

Bangkok, Thailand – October 4, 2023 – transcosmos Thailand, a leading player in Thailand’s business process outsourcing industry (BPO), is thrilled to announce its remarkable achievements at the TCCTA Contact Center Awards 2023, held at the renowned Aksra Theatre in Bangkok on October 4, 2023. In its debut year of participation, transcosmos Thailand achieved remarkable success, securing four awards that underscore the company's commitment to operational excellence and digital transformation within the contact center industry.

The esteemed awards received by transcosmos Thailand are as follows

Gold - The Best Professional Management Contact Center (Over 100 Seats)
transcosmos Thailand's dedication to professional management practices by introducing digitalization technologies such as Data Visualization to reduce cost, improve operation efficiency and provide the best possible customer experience has been recognized at the highest level, positioning the company as a true leader in the industry.

Bronze - The Best Customer Satisfaction Contact Center (Over 100 Seats)
transcosmos Thailand's unwavering focus on customer satisfaction through the concept of “Banso” partnership model has earned it a well-deserved bronze award, demonstrating its determination to delivering outstanding service and long-term commitment to the clients.

Bronze - The Best Workflow Contact Center (Over 100 Seats)
The company's efficient workflow processes have been acknowledged with a bronze award, emphasizing its dedication to streamlining operations and delivering top-notch service through utilization of concepts such as PDCA and internal Business Process Improvement (BPI).

Bronze - The Best Social Media Contact Center (Over 100 Seats)
transcosmos Thailand's proficiency in managing customer interactions on social media platforms has been recognized with a bronze award, highlighting its prowess in the digital landscape. Through the Social Analysis service in combination with Contact Center & Digital Marketing operation provided by transcosmos Thailand, clients were able to create a seamless operation that utilize social media data from consumers to optimize their marketing plan & contact center service.

These accolades underscore transcosmos Thailand's relentless pursuit of operational excellence, digital transformation, and unwavering dedication to create the best customer experience. The company's ability to secure such recognition in its first year of participation demonstrates its commitment to setting new industry standards.

transcosmos Thailand extends its gratitude to the TCCTA Contact Center Awards 2023 for this recognition and looks forward to continuing its journey of providing exceptional customer service and be the client’s Global Digital Transformation Partner.