Customer Experience
Development (CXD)

Our CXD operation aims to develop services that meet both market and client business needs.
Our goal is to enhance our clients’ capability to compete with other businesses in the market
and to adapt to the digital age through Digital Transformation (DX).

Social Analysis

Do not limit yourself to only the feedback that you receive directly from customers through surveys or comments during purchases.
There are many other comments and feedback out there that you may not have seen, which provide in-depth insights into why customers choose your brand
or why they choose your competitors over you. If you do not take a look at these comments, your competitors surely will. With our social listening service,
we can provide you with all the comments related to the topics you’re interested in. Whether you want to know what people think about your business,
your competitors, or even your product category as a whole, let us help you find and analyze those feedbacks that are not directly sent to you.

What can you do with Social Listening?

Brand Health Check

A summary of the feedback from consumers who interacted with the brand via an online platform during specific timeframes.

Brand Positioning

By measuring the volume of conversation about our brand and competitors.

Campaign Tracking

Track the performance and feedback of our brands and competitors in order to take informed future actions.

Competitor Voice Analysis

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses to compare with our competitors in order to develop our brand.

Demand Research

Real customer needs are widely shared on social media, making it an ideal starting point for businesses.

Daily Monitoring

Tracking social media conversations that are relevant to your brand is essential to connect with your customers and providing them with customer support.

Close Group Monitoring

Increase sales opportunities by examining the activities occurring within the closed group, as it serves as a valuable source of potential customers.

Crisis Alert

Monitoring, being vigilant, and generating a comprehensive report regarding any adverse mentions of your brand on social media platforms to effectively address them.

VOC Analysis

Learn what your customers desire to catapult your product or service to the top. Capture your customers’ opinions and views in order to improve their experience.

Fully Utilize Customer Data through CDP

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A CDP serves as a centralized hub for collecting, organizing, and unifying customer data from various sources, allowing businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers. This unified data can then be utilized across multiple use cases, from delivering personalized marketing campaigns and improving customer support to optimizing product offerings and identifying new market opportunities.

Interactive Dashboard

While the information we can provide through our various services may seem overwhelming, we have a solution to make it easy for everyone to understand. While the information we can provide through our various services may seem overwhelming, We can create a customized dashboard that visualizes all the data according to your specific requirements and needs. Whether you need to compile data from multiple sources or display daily, weekly, and monthly data simultaneously, we can help you with that.

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