Service & BPO

Engineering Service

Our goal is to address persistent issues that hinder potential innovation in the manufacturing engineering chain and supplier processes.
We propose comprehensive support to assist our clients in realizing their business objectives.

Optimize your business through technical service development, drawing from our high-level expertise cultivated over years in design development.
Additionally, we offer embedded services tailored to model-based development, coupled with operational excellence achieved through standardized work processes,
visualization, and information coordination. Leveraging these back-office functions enhances overall business efficiency.

We offer comprehensive support from product design
through production, along with supplemental tasks

Design process DX service

Provide solutions to all materialization processes in the mechanical design field

Designer workloads are consistently rising due to factors such as changes in complex product requirements,
increased regulatory demands across all categories, shorter development cycles, and a shortage of designers.

Our aim is to alleviate designers from such circumstances and create an environment where they can focus on their creative work,
leveraging their advanced expertise to the fullest extent possible.

Production process DX service

Enhancing the efficiency of various burdens in the production process through data utilization

In the final stages of product manufacturing within the production area, there’s often a multitude of scattered opinions and information.
Occasionally, the implementation of DX (digital transformation) may not proceed as anticipated.

Our approach involves elevating information from record, currently divided by department and difficult to manage, into digital data.
This aims to streamline production processes for higher efficiency, facilitated by the implementation of digital tools.

Stage of DX/Digital transformation implementation

#1 : Turnkey Solution Manage important data in the production process as digital information with our platform.

Through our company’s platform, we tailor interfaces to suit each client’s work environment. This aims to boost efficiency and increase revenue by providing improved information access.

#2 : Custom Solution Leverage outsourcing to address individualized challenges through DX / Digitalization for each client

Implement production operations within an optimal digital environment, incorporating problem analysis, countermeasure implementation, operational construction, and operational result estimation through our company’s BPR (Business Process Re-engineering).

Utilizing our company Digital BPO know-how to address client’s problems in production field,
we propose 2 types of production DX service