Digital Marketing
& E-commerce

Digital Marketing
& E-commerce

With our team dedicated specialists, transcosmos Thailand can provide you with complete
digital marketing solutions that fit your requirements and customers’ journey.

We offer holistic digital marketing and e-commerce support. Our in-house team of experts can manage all your online programs,
increase brand awareness, drive quality traffic, improve generate leads ,sales conversions, and retain customers.

Issue that we can solve

Dont't know how to set KPIs

Dont't know how to prioritize actions

Lack of analysis about current situation & challenges or where the opportunities lie in the market

Lack of competitive analysis

Lack of specialists in the company in terms of Digital Marketing or E-Commerce operation

Our BANSO Service

We provide a full range support as a partner
according to the customer's stage from problem discovery & strategic planning support based on current situation analysis to platform development and actual operations.

  • Provide a full range of services from understanding the current situation to consultion, development, and operations.
  • Support for both management and the frontline = A system that can be provided because we are strong in operations.

What we can do with Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Digital Sales Promotion Strategies

Our goal is to implement effective digital sales promotion activities tailored to the Thai market, aiming to enhance brand awareness, product comprehension, and sales conversion. Key performance indicators (KPIs) for this service include clicks, views, cost per click (CPC), and click-through rate (CTR).

SNS Operation

We aim to boost product understanding by delivering informative content and encouraging engagement through social media posts. Our objective is to cultivate a loyal fan base and attract new customers. Key performance indicators (KPIs) for this service include content impressions, engagement metrics, and website referrals.

Marketplace Launch and Optimization

Our objective is to drive sales and optimize sales strategies by showcasing products on an online marketplace. We focus on improving the conversion rate, increasing sales volume, and enhancing the cart acquisition rate as key performance indicators (KPIs).

Content Creation

Our objective is to enhance product understanding by organizing unique selling points (USPs) and creating a user-friendly website tailored to the Thai target audience. The primary KPI for this service is the number of website views.

DM/CX Support Provided by transcosmos

We deliver the One-Stop solution across multiple communication channels
backend by extensive experience in the world.

transcosmos is chosen for DM/CX support due to our ability to provide a comprehensive solution across various communication channels.
With our extensive experience in the field, we are dedicated to delivering improved customer experience (CX) and customer support (CS).

Improving Cycle

Strategy & KPI Planning

Decide the direction and next action for improve.

Digital Marketing Operation

Conduct the marketing activities.

Evaluation & Reporting

Report the performance and analyze based on the KPI

Performance (Checking & Researching)

Consider the next action and improvement plan and activities.

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